ARROW FAN FIC:Josephine Wintergreen(Part Sixteen)

09.05.2019, 01:32


"What were you saying about Slade? Do you think he will try and hurt me?"Oliver asked Josephine. "It was just something that he said that made me worried..He really didn`t have to say much,but.."Josephine answered. "But what?"He asked her and looked at her. "Slade is Slade,Oliver. He got backstabbed by Billy. That`s why they weren`t partners anymore. Don`t think that I like any of them,but I kinda feel sorry for him.. It`s not like I`m protecting him. I just think I can calm him down."Josephine answered and looked at John Diggle as he came over to them. "I`m glad you told me,but you don`t have to worry about me."Oliver told her and smiled. "What are you talking about? I`ll always worry about you.. You always worry about me."Josephine said and turned around. 

"There is more,isn`t there?"Oliver asked her when she turned her back against them. "Yeah.. He wants to turn us into enemies."Josephine answered and took a deep breath before she turned back around. "How?"Oliver asked her as he walked toward her. Josephine backed away from him. "He told me that you`re only using me.."Josephine answered and looked away when he stopped infront of her. "He`s lying,Josephine. You know that,right?"He told her as she passed him. "Hey.. Wait!! I would never do that. You know me."Oliver said as he followed her. "I know.. I have to go. I`m meeting your sister tomorrow."Josephine told him. "Don`t let Slade win... Please,don`t believe him."Oliver said when she looked at him again. "Never."Josephine told him and gave him a smile.

"I should have known...."Oliver said as he stopped beside her.  "I have to ask you something.."She told Oliver. "Ask."Oliver said as they looked at each other. "Does this have anything to do with Shado?"She asked him. "Yes."Oliver answered. "I think I know why he wants my help.. He thought that I were jealous. I have to go.."Josephine told him and ran up the stairs. "Josephine,Wait!! Don`t do anything stupid."Oliver yelled to her. "Oliver,what`s going on?"Diggle asked him. "She`s going after Slade. I have to stop her,before she gets herself killed."Oliver answered. "I`ll get the car."Diggle said and walked out.




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