ARROW FAN FIC:Josephine Wintergreen(Part Eighteen)

14.05.2019, 02:43

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Josephine got into a cab.. She called Slade. "We need to talk.."She said as he answered. "Okay. Come to my office. I`ll text you the address."He said and hung up. "Can you drive me to this address?"She asked the cab driver. "Sure."He answered. She sat back in the seat. When he stopped outside a big building,she payed him and got out.. She walked inside..

"Josephine!"Slade said when he came over to her. "Can we talk somewhere more private?"She asked him and smiled. "Of course.."He answered. "Great."She said and followed him upstairs. She turned around and looked outside.. Josephine knew that Oliver would follow her. Wouldn`t take him too long to get there.. When Slade opened the door to his office he turned to her and said "Why do you suddenly want to talk?".

"Well,I`ve gotten time to think.. But I also want to talk with you about the past."Josephine answered and looked down the corridor. "Okay. I don`t remember much,but I`ll try my best to answer your questions,Josephine."Slade said and gave her a smile as she walked passed him."Since my mother were killed.. I feel like I`ve walked around like a zombie. I found her in the woods,and at first I didn`t think she were dead. But she never woke up."Josephine told him and sat down on the chair infront of his desk.

"This happened after I left... I`m so sorry for leaving you back there. I knew how Billy could be.."Slade said to her as he sat down behind the desk and met her gaze. "You knew the guy... Could he kill?"Josephine asked. "Yes,he could.. So,you think he killed your mother and tried to hide it?"He answered as they looked at each other.

"Yes,I do. I think he killed her,because she wanted to leave,she would never leave without me. In Billy`s head,that meant that to stick to his plan,and get me trained and good enough to take over.. He had to silence my mother. So he killed her."Josephine told him as the door opened and Oliver stood there. "Did I interrupt anything?"Oliver asked both of them.

"Nothing,Oliver. Leave!"Josephine answered as she met his gaze. "No. I`m not going anywhere."Oliver told her and closed the door. "Oh my god.. I can take care of myself."Josephine said and looked at him. "I know.. I trust you. It`s Slade I don`t trust."Oliver told her as he kept looking at him. "I agree with you. Billy would get violent when your mother did things he didn`t like."Slade said as he looked at her again.

"He did?"She asked him and looked at Oliver. "Yeah.. He hit her really hard once. I came in afterworths and your mother held her hand on her cheek."Slade answered and got up from the chair. "Thank you for answering my questions. Now I want to make one thing completely clear.. I will never help you to make Oliver suffer. I don`t care about what happened between the two of you on the island. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!"She told him.

Oliver looked at her.. "Okay,but that doesn`t mean that I won`t do anything. I still have others that will help me."Slade said as he looked from her to Oliver. Josephine opened the door and started to walk down the corridor. "Josephine,wait!! Let me follow you home. Dig is waiting outside."Oliver told her when she stopped by the staircase.

"Okay. I might let you come inside a little while."Josephine said and followed him downstairs. "Okay... I thought you would say no.."Oliver told her. "Why? Because I act weird sometimes?"She asked him. "Yeah."Oliver answered as they walked outside. "Fine. I`ll try and get better. Just give me some time."She told him and smiled to herself. "What?"Oliver asked her when she saw it. "You just rushed in.. Did you think I would kill him?"She asked him. "I don`t know.. You could have.."He answered. 




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