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"Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"

Marmion - Sir Walter Scott.


The net was fashioned in many layers

Different types and different snares

Designed to catch the unwary and their heirs

This you need to understand in your prayers


Political correctness in all its guises

Shall prevent you uttering freely your lan(d)gauges

Warnings of social danger abound

No truth allowed when facts are perceived as sound


Indoctrination and propaganda designed to confuse

The traditional family unit is broken and bad news

He and she is to be refused

Gender neutral for the politically enthused


Church and state go much the same way

The straight and narrow path impenetrable

The path of mankind wide and winding

Universal dogma certainly prevailing


Our identity is being undermined and degraded

We are made unsure as to what or who we are

As the net slowly but surely tightens we are left unaided

Perceived safety of our network has been cunningly baited


Many have been steadily and mentally adjusted

We have become blind to our entrapment - minds rusted

The devilish twist is the happiness many experience

As the net with the many layers allows such credence


People may, or may not, realise the changes

Much as it has been throughout the ages

Applied behavioural psychology is the method

Governments and bureaucrats design the changes

The majority believe that they are benign


Agreement to change takes time to implement

Always presented as a benefit to society

Just look at the economic and social destruction

Our planet has many examples of reinstruction


Left, right or center, all believe they have the solution

Every man believes he is right in his own heart – absolution

Effective and successful; our hearts are part of the human evolution

Creation and THE LAW viewed only as an aberration!


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