HOLY SHIT! Jeg, en låtskriver for Roman Messer??

09.01.2021, 18:54

Det som skal skje i løpet av noen dager, er STORT for meg! 
Roman Messer er en av mine favoritter i tranceuniverset!
Jeg sendte ham en melding; knappe 30 minutter senere besvarte han.
Han ville ha tilsendt noen tekster jeg har skrevet
Sjansen for at han kommer til å bruke en/noen av dem, er vel heller liten.
Men utrolig stas å få mulighet t å send han noen. 

Her er en av tekstene jeg tenkte å sende ham: 


I dance with you on our living room floor
You really have to sleep; its midnight now

You bury your head into my shoulder
while we dance to your favorite lullaby

The feeling you give me when you are holding around me
is profound and I have found answers to life

The meaning of life is to dance with you until midnight
and see your smile, my irreplaceable treasure

We dance until you almost fall asleep in my arms
That you want to dance with your me, that my heart warms

My feet fall asleep with you, and I have to carry you to bed
I look at you while you sleep and dream that one day, we will dance in a flower meadow

I have given you my whole heart, and a little more
Feel free to use me when you have lost your way in life

I will guide, help, wipe your tears and patches your wounds
Whether you are five or sixty two years old

When time goes by
less time with you I get

Eventually you dance with someone else must
Maybe it's your husband or your own little ones

As life is made, one day I have to leave
to the great white gate of heaven

I really hope you get the life you deserve
With happiness, support and love

My love for you, you never must forget
You must hide it in your heart and mind, forever
                                   I love you


Roman Messer feat. Roxanne Emery - Lost & Found (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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