3.3) Going to a Rugby Match in Auckland

13.09.2021, 10:00

Hi, it’s Rick here. I am going to tell you about the rugby match we went to! 

Together with our friend Rui, and other friends that he brought, we went to a rugby match where New Zealand played against Australia. We spoke to Rui’s friends about the “All-Blacks, and they told us some interesting facts. 

They told us that the All-Blacks represent the country of New Zealand in men’s rugby. Also, rugby is very well-known as it is New Zealand’s national sport, and the All-Blacks have won the Rugby World Cup in year 1987, 2011, and 2015. 

The rugby players are also called “All-Blacks” because their costumes are all in black. Before the match starts, the All-Blacks perform the “Haka” (which is a Māori challenge and/or posture dance). The All-Blacks have performed the Kapa O Pango “Haka” ever since the year of 2005. But traditionally, the All-Blacks used the Tè Rauparaha’s “Haka” (which is also known as Ka Mate) before the international matches. 

During the game, we had a lot of fun. We got some snacks and settled in to watch. The game was aggressive, with some fighting on the field. When the All-Blacks scored, the Kiwis in the crowd went crazy, and the atmosphere was great on New Zealand’s side! 

The match was very exciting and intriguing. As you can see above, we learned a lot about the team from our talk with Rui’s friends, and it was super interesting to see how rugby is played. It is a lot better to watch in real life! And yes, the All-Blacks did win. 

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