4.1) Reflecting on our stay in New Zealand

16.09.2021, 10:00

Hi, Mina here. 

After the rugby match, we picked up our stuff and went to a hotel that was close to the airport in Aukland. We planned to leave the next day, with our flight booked at 8 P.M. Therefore, this would be our last night in New Zealand, and we decided to spend it looking back on our journey. The three of us went outside to the garden of the hotel to watch the stars. 

And then we started talking about our adventures.   

In Wellington, we had lots of fun experiences. On our first day there, we were so jet-lagged that we mostly sleep. But the next day, our real adventures began. We went to an incredible museum and took a ride on the red Wellington Cable Car. We also visited the Cable Car Museum, Space Place at Carter Observatory, and Botanic Garden on our first day. 

The next day, we had the best coffee we have ever tasted, and it woke us up enough to spend the entire day immersing ourselves in the movie magic of Wellington.  

During our last day in Wellington, we decided to visit the Zealandia nature reserve; an incredible ecosanctuary in Wellington.  

All in all, our days in Wellington were wonderful, and we enjoyed every minute. Alex and Rick particularly wanted me to point out that they wish we could have stayed longer, but of course, there were other parts of NZ to explore! We would love to go back.  



In Taupo, we went racing in real racing cars! We also saw “The Craters of The Moon” and had some car issues. Yeah, that’s the quick rundown of what happened. But we agreed that the main part of our Taupo experience was the racing cars.  

They were incredibly fast and gave us an adrenaline rush that we have never felt before. It was so amazing, and we are extremely glad that we decided to go to Taupo and have that experience. That is, even despite our car stopping in the middle of nowhere.  

The Track


In Rotorua, we got to experience the Māori culture. We went to Whakarewarewa village and got to see a glimpse into the daily life of the Māori people living there. We also went on a tour, saw the Southern Hemisphere’s largest active geyser and saw a culture show.  

It was a great experience to see how the Māori people live. It is a completely different thing to read and hear about the Māori than to see them in person!  

Whakarewarewa village


So far during our stay in Aukland, we went to a restaurant and visited the Auckland Museum. And today, we went to a rugby match. 



Alex planned all our Aukland experiences, and he thinks there is so much more we can do and experience in the city. That is why, tomorrow, before we head to the airport and go back to Norway, we are going to spend our last few hours in NZ doing what we have not been able to do yet in Aukland. 

Stay tuned :)

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