4.3) The flight home

16.09.2021, 17:55

Hi, this is Rick. I’m here to tell you about our flight home from New Zealand.  

After we said goodbye to Rui, we continued through the airport and checked that we all had our luggage. We found a large digital screen which displayed information about our flight. We could see that our flight went from Auckland to Oslo Gardermoen in Norway. We brought our luggage to a small desk and checked it in, putting it onto a large conveyor belt which took the bags away. After having checked in our luggage, we walked through security, and then we headed for our gate. We walked the entire way to our flight’s gate and waited there for a while, until we could enter the airplane. Luckily, we had bought some food and snacks, and we had each other to keep us from getting bored.  

When we were finally allowed to enter the plane, we found the row number for our seats.  

We sat down into our seats, which were all pretty comfy, and were next to each other. While on the plane, we watched some of the documentaries that were available on the TV screens. We watched “Schumacher”, which Alex chose for us to watch. The documentary that I chose during our flight was: “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet”, and the documentary that Mina chose was “The Social Dilemma”. 

When we arrived back in Oslo at Gardermoen airport, we walked together to the conveyor belt that was delivering all the luggage from the plane. We grabbed our bags and checked to see if the luggage that we took was ours. We exited the airport, and then, we all said “Good-Bye” to each other. We all went our separate ways as we were picked up by our families.

And that was the end to our exciting New Zealand trip. 

I hope you have enjoyed the blog! I would like to say goodbye to all of you from Alex, Mina and I (Rick). Thank you for following our adventures.  

Got to go! 

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