10.09.2019, 09:37

Jeg øver meg litt på engelsken. Den er langt unna perfekt men alt som øves på, blir jeg jo bedre på. Instagram er et nytt medie for meg, øvelse og utforskning. Hvordan bruker du Instagram?  Del gjerne.


 Autumn is coming to Norway for sure. Being a summer child I always find this part of the year and bit hard and uneasy. Music helps and finally I staring to find my tribe in unexpected and different places than expected. Feeling so grateful for discovering different communities and different ways to express life as a whole. This weekend with beautiful, soft and strong women. Wombspace. Breath. Sounds.  Hugs. Tears and laughter. Finding people in my everyday community to dance Biodanza with. Experiencing joy, movements, dancing with both men and women. Understanding and connections beyond words and intellectual understanding. I love how dance and very different kinds of music suddenly is a huge part of my life.

Feeling grateful for how my husband and kids are welcoming me in to the world of metal music. They have enjoyed it for years. ( My kids are 12 and 10 years old ) Feeling grateful for Soulfly and Max Cavalera for making this love possible. And I do love how this is not only metal but tribe and folk music and with a deep sense of spirituality.

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