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31.03.2022, 15:12

Do you ever wish you could get an inside look at your competition's digital marketing strategies? SpyFu has been helping users with this since the year 2006.


It's not corporate espionage however, if you'd rather play the role of a covert agent assigned to a job that is of paramount importance it's fine with us. SpyFu provides its users with an affordable SEO toolkit to assist them in gaining a clearer understanding of how their competition is doing in the search engine.


What is the SpyFu acronym?

SpyFu offers a cloud-based set of marketing tools that allow users to view (spy upon) the history of ranking for any domain. In just a few clicks you will be able to see each location on Google where the domain has been featured, every keyword it purchased on Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and every ad variant that it has ever posted.


If you're looking to make your blog more visible and boost your rank in Google or just want to know what your rivals are doing SpyFu's SEO tools will provide a lot of the information you require.


What capabilities does SpyFu possess?

SpyFu has been in the SEO game since its inception. This means that the platform is an extensive tool set that is supported by more than 10 years of information. Are you interested in knowing how your competitors are ranked today? SpyFu is able to do that. Are you curious to know what they were doing just 13 years ago? Sure, SpyFu can perform the same thing.


The platform comes with the following tools:


1. SEO research tools

Knowing the rank of your competitors is a great start however, SpyFu can also help you to transform those findings into a strategies. The SEO tools allow you to look up any domain you want and track its rank growth and losses.


Additionally it allows you to examine your domain's domain name and figure out which keywords to concentrate on the most. For instance, if you have a number of keywords that are ranked on the second page in Google, SpyFu can help to guide them towards the right direction, and improve your rankings.


Its SEO tools can help you to:


Examine the ranking of your website's keywords against those of your competition.

Segment and group keywords to refine your plan.

Create informative and colorful reports that can be shared with others and can be viewed from any device.


2. PPC research tools

The pay-per click (PPC) advertisements can turn quite complicated rapidly. Even if you're purchasing ads for a couple of specific keywords, it is important to make sure that you are spending your advertising dollars carefully. SpyFu offers workflows specifically designed to permit you to dig into specific areas such as keywords and advertising copy to identify ways to optimize.


One of the most impressive benefits SpyFu gives you access to immediate guidance via its Advisor tool that offers the most effective recommendations for the keywords that your campaign may have missed. If you've spent all day trying to figure out whether you should invest your advertising dollars on certain keywords, SpyFu will aid you with purchasing suggestions.


3. Keyword tools for research

SpyFu's easy-to-use interface allows you to immediately get recommendations about which keywords you're most likely get a position for, what keywords are worth fighting and which ones you should be avoiding.


Through the overview tab on SpyFu's website on the overview tab, you'll find specific information on relevant keywords. After you've selected some, you can look into the deeper details. The easy-to-read breakdowns of keywords aid you in making informed choices on which keywords to concentrate on with organic SEO techniques and which could be worthwhile to include as part of the PPC campaigns.


To cover the bases

SERP Analysis

Every SEO professional has spent longer than they're willing to admit looking at search engine result pages (SERPs) trying to find clues. SpyFu aids in the automation of this process.

Backgroundlink analysis

Simply tell SpyFu the keywords you wish to target , and it will inform you of which websites will aid in ranking. It's that easy.

List building

Need custom search marketing lists? SpyFu can utilize the data it collects to assist you create lists of competitors' PPC budgets, the amount of paid clicks a website receives over time and more.

Keyword Positions SpyFu assists you to keep at the top of keyword rankings using an intuitive dashboard that displays your performance, loss as well as where you're getting to Page 1 and more benchmarks.


SEMrush Overview

In the first paragraph, SEMrush is essentially an all-in-one application for anyone from single-person teams to larger firms and agencies. With all of the digital marketing activities in one tool it's simpler to track everything from rankings and growth to competitions and updates to search engine results.


The first reason I was attracted for using SEMrush was the vast array of features available on the platform. I'm also a huge admirer of their easy-to-use interface that doesn't overwhelm you with data or in jargon that isn't needed. Let's review of the range of features.


Features - Review & Breakdown

A major benefit of SEMrush is the sheer number of features that are available in. It's a lot of features therefore if you're seeking reviews of a particular section of the platform take a look through!



As soon as you sign up , you'll be given the option to skip directly to the section of the tool that is related to what you're signing up to do. Personally I'd prefer at the SEO section at first that will then take me directly to the SEO dashboard.


But, you can choose to bypass this step and go straight to the main dashboard page. I consider this to be an awesome feature because you're immediately presented with the basic areas of the tool and your mind immediately racing with all the marketing opportunities offered by the tool.


In the spirit of this review as well as my status as an SEO lover by nature we'll stick with the SEO toolkit as in the case of a first-time user.


We're given the choice to make our own SEO Dashboard.


The overview of your traffic analysis is a great addition not just to provide an overview of your site as well as a brief look at competitors' websites as well (more on that in the future). The following sections will be available to you:


The Traffic Analysis Summary The tool provides Estimated traffic, including new visitors as well as the amount of pages per visit (this may be a bit off however, it's not going to be 100% accurate). You can also alter this time frame, which is currently set at 30 days.

Keywords Right away, I'm presented with results from those in the United States, so that's all it takes is switching it off

Backlinks Backlinks The site instantly picked up on an updated feature I created on a friend's SEO freelance website So, kudos to this. If you're in the market for a quick review of your competitors, you can move that 30 days back to the past couple of months and export their recent links.


Which one do you prefer which one should you choose? Semrush or SpyFu?


In terms of SEO capabilities and the ability to search for keywords, Semrush has a lot more to the table.


I am also of the opinion that SEO report is more thorough. They're specifically designed for the marketer who is more advanced.


However, SpyFu is a winner in another area.


SpyFu offers you details such as anchor text and URL, as well as their backlinks. When you put everything together, it's extremely useful and will help you understand the strategy of your competition.


In terms of price, SpyFu is much more affordable. Yet, Semrush offers rich functionality and access to a variety of tools within its base plan.


Each SpyFu and Semrush have distinct USPs.


For me, for freelancers, small-business owners, or even new agencies with the funds to invest, SpyFu is a good choice. For those who have more money to spend and need more capabilities, Semrush could provide more value. I am a fan of both personally, but I rather using ahrefs , but that's me and both SEMRush and SpyFu are great tools.

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