In Defense of Mullah Krekar Case!

14.01.2020, 20:42

In Defense of Mullah Krekar Case!

Economics can be studied as what, how, for whom, why and when to Produce.

When I was in Yajooj Majooj Capital namely Enqere, I even did not know how to cross the sub – way for to go to other side, I would like to cross the sub – way by crossing over railroad and they said that the way of crossing railroad is steps over rails not over rails. I went to wash my face and I went to toilet and I put my hand in the pissing place and I touched to my face and I thought that it is water and every people were surprised of my doing.

Norwegian People mean that Mullah Krekar costs very Much to Norway. Norwegians would like to throw miserable Mullah Krekar out of Norway. While I am Nechirwan Silvana. I recommend the Norwegian People to compare me with Mullah Krekar economically in comparative perspectives. Who cost Norway very much? I mean that Norwegians, you can count all moneys you have used from my entrance to Norway namely from 30.05.2001 on me from my entrance to Norway and through your free room and free food in Hospitals from Middle of Norway to South Norway. Money for transfering me between hospitals and money for to reach to Sirdal for to work there. You can off course count all money which I have taken from your Norwegian State including introduction benefits, housing helps, stipends, Money for high school's books, Money for university books, Money for rehabilitation, money for coming back to job, money for temporarily disablement benefits, Money from House Bank, Money for permanent disablement benefits, again money from House Bank, Money from discount by disablement benefits for public travel, money obtained from State Loan Box * 0 = 210000 NOK in end of 2012. According to Norwegian law, I can again get money from State's Loan Box by end of 2022 about 200000 or more and after getting that money multiply that by Zero because I have disablement benefits. I get every month also 1000 NOK for house subsidies from Oslo Munisipalities since I bought my apartment in Hauketoveien 5B 1266 Oslo. I am Nechirwan Silvana and I give you this information, it is not threat, please do not misunderstand me.


Ready for constructive comments............Nechirwan Silvana

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