Addiction to Social media

06.05.2019, 12:51



In this article I'm going to talk about what social media addiction is and how many of us young people are so addicted to sosial media. I'm also goint to talk about what the addiction lead to. 


What is internet addiction? 

Internet addiction is when you sit in front of your screen in many hours. Hours pass by and we keep looking down our feed or watch youtube videos. 


Today many of us young people are addicted to the internet and use many hours in front of the screen. Not only are we addicted to the internet we are also addicted to likes and comments. The most important thing is to get the right amount of likes and comments. This is a problem for the society and we have to dp something. Many young people don't feel good when they don't get many likes. This leads to anxiety and depression, this is not that's good for our health and our society. 


I don't think that we should use so many hours on social media. Nowadays people take pictures of the sunset rather than enjoying it and posting it so people in the internet could see how "cool" it is. We also take pictures of the food when we are in a restaurant and post it, and that is insane. 


"Let your phone rest and spend your time with your family and peope that are closse to you."

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