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Social media influencers

A social influencer is a person who has access to a large audience. Social media influencer persuades their audience by using their authority and by building credibility. They earn thousands of dollars on every picture they post and by getting sponsored by brands. Small brand can’t afford big celebrity sponsorship, that’ why they use influencers instead.

There are many internet influencers that inspire us, and some them that we wish we were alike. I personally use some influencers as inspiration, and I only look at their work not what they do or say as a person. There are many influencers today that affect the youth in a bad way.

Plastic surgery and tanning are becoming more and more in use. I’m not talking about tanning one or shady darker, but 5 or 7. An example for this is Emma Hallberg, she is a full Swedish girl that says that she gets a dark deep tan in the summer. She says that she gets that colour when she is sunbathing, she also says that she has natural curl.

Emma Hallberg also went under plastic surgery to get curvier, and many black people got provoked and called her out as “blackfishing”.  This girl got many Instagram followers and many of them are young girls, what she is doing is not good for her or for the girl that follow her. She manipulates her followers and says that she just gets a very dark deep tan. She is getting attention and famous for looking like a mixed race.

Influencers like her are pushing teenage girls to change their appearance and this can lead to depressions and anorexia among young people. I don’t think people like her should get that much of attentions, because she influences young people in a bad way. People like Emma Hallberg use their fame to get more money and doesn’t care about what happens to the young girls that follow them. She is a bad role model and shouldn’t get that much of attentions.


At last I just want to say that social media influencers don’t care what happens to the people that look up to them, they only care about themselves and their money. I remember when young people got crazy about the kylie Jenner challenge, when kylie Jenner got filler in her lips, but dined it. Teenagers posted videos or photos of themselves attempting to temporarily enlarge their lips by a suction technique called "the shot glass effect" in order to imitate the look of model and socialite Kylie Jenner. She didn’t confess until people on the internet were going nuts. Influencers like these people are not good for us or for the society, because they are not telling us to love ourselves for who we are. They have insecurities and want to change how they were born, and in the same way make us do what they do so they can feel good about what they did and themselves.


“I just want to say be yourself and don’t let these influencers affect you in a bad way”

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