Internet bullying

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In this article I’m going to talk about people that bully in the internet. What reasons behind why they bully is and how that can affect somebody. I’m also going to talk about why people are more likely to get bullied in the internet.


People that people bully others behind their screens use freedom of speech as an excuse to bully. They attack the victims personally with harsh and mean words. Famous people are more likely to get internet bullied, because of what they do or who they are. The bullies don’t speak objectively, and they criticize in a harmful way. For example, many famous people do things that can provoke the bullies and they get upset and criticize the person. The bullies don’t do constructive criticism, which means that they don’t criticize objectively, and they attack the person. They use word that can’t be answered such as “you are ugly” or “you are a whore”, comments like these are personal attacks and it has nothing to do with the matter or the case. Bullies use freedom of speech as an excuse to do others harm and that is not okay.


Why do people bully in the internet?

I think that people bully in the internet bully others so they can feel good about themselves. Bullies have insecurities and they get so bored with their lives that they bring other people down. They hide the insecurities by looking down at other people and they are mostly jealous. Bullies also have Prejudice about the people they bully. Prejudices are often attitude which are often negative and are often about having to little acknowledge. Bullying in the internet is an easier way for the bullies to get to the person the hate, it’s also an easier way to text someone rather that saying it face 2 face.


Victims of cyberbullying

People that get bullied in the internet get comments that attack them personally and that can affect them in a bad way. The Cyberbullying can lead to anxiety, depression or self-harm in the victims. People that get bullied are at risk of suicide and health problems.

I think that people that bully others in the internet are weak and they got nothing else to do, but bully others to feel satisfied with their life. People that bully other are more likely to be alcoholics and use other drugs. Bullies bully to get attention and to be noticed and that’s lame. I think the best way to get rid of bullies is to not give them attentions at all, so they can continue feeling miserable with their lives.

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